Developing a ‘Culture of Invitation’

The Great Commission is really the Great Invitation, extended by God through those who belong to Him. Sadly, many Christians outsource this calling to mission societies, church leaders, and a few other church members.

We need a radical paradigm shift to activate the magnet. We need to create and maintain a culture of invitation. How did we ever stray so far from the biblical mandate to personally go and invite?

Pentecost was preceded by a prayer meeting. The church of Jerusalem grew by the Holy Spirit in leaps and bounds because of its magnetic invitation culture—which happened organically, partly through the believers’ devotion to daily prayer (Acts 2:42). Their magnetism was a result of their dependence on God, and they impacted their community.

We need a culture shift of finding excuses for not doing what we are called to do. We need a culture of invitation, inviting others to experience the amazing grace God has for us all. A sense of urgency is needed to replace the malady of apathy, fear, and lethargy.

The Samaritan woman is a wonderful example of inviting people to Jesus. Listen to what she did immediately after her encounter with Jesus: “Then the woman left her water jar, went into town, and told the people, ‘Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?’ They left the town and made their way to him” (John 4:28-30).

God wants many sons and daughters to come to glory (Heb 2:10). He sees much potential for growth at All Nations. We are trusting the Lord for 100 new people to come to faith this year, so we have to move to two services when the time is right. Life Groups are such a blessing and the growth point of the church – do you want to see the number of Life Groups multiplied this year?

Without you taking the first step, it will not happen, be wise to make the most of the opportunity to invite someone to the Alpha course starting in August.