Doing life together

It is striking that outsiders took note that the disciples had been with Jesus. It is in His presence that we grow and are transformed. He promised, “Where two or three are gathered in my Name, I will be in their midst” (Matt 18:20). The disciples could have been satisfied to be mere spectators, but that was impossible after He paid the ultimate price and died on the cross.

What should be our response to such a generous gift of love? Jesus did not simply spend time with the Father to get the latest revelation or formula for success. He chose to be in His presence above a formula-driven lifestyle and touched those around Him.

Mark Wimble spoke on Life Groups and our need to desire to do life together with Jesus and each other. There is more of God as we experience and explore Him together. Jesus helps us to stir up the fire in our homes, where life takes place. God wants us to live with passion for Him in our families. As sons and daughters, we are called to serve Him and extend His kingdom. When Joshua fulfilled the mandate to conquer the Promised Land, he said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”.

In the modern-day army, the smallest group is called a squad, and is made up of four to ten soldiers, commanded by a sergeant. A squad is trained to move forward together in formation, each one in his assigned place, following the lead soldier. The way to proceed is to cover one another. Each soldier has a responsibility to maximize the safety and security in his squad.

That is the essence of New Testament submission in relationships and should be the same in the family of God. It has nothing to do with rank or reducing one another, but everything to do with protecting, loving each other, being sensitive to one another and serving one another. In our Life Groups, there are no age, cultural or gender restrictions.

We need to watch and pray for each other. We have a common enemy who we need to fight together, so that we ensure he does not undermine our resolve and erode our confidence. Let’s pull together in our homes and do battle together to spread His Kingdom in our city and nation.