Life is a journey with Jesus

We are on the journey of life and our entire vision for living is framed by beholding what God has for us, rather than looking back to the past or down to our present mundane existence. Someone has said that life is a journey, not a destination.

The One who made the universe and came down to earth to rescue us from ourselves is mind-blowingly brilliant. We must be careful to be people who propagate and reflect the vision God has for mankind which is greater and nearer than anyone can think or imagine.

This Jesus we are traveling with, is the hope of the nations and, we who call ourselves His own, must likewise behold and reflect this same hope. “Christ in you is the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27). All we need to do is let Him out!

“Christ in you is the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27)

In Luke 24:13-35 we read of two disciples on the road to Emmaus – their vision was shattered – as our Lord walked with them He first confronted their false expectations of what He came to do. Verse 21 says it all: “We had hoped He was the one who was going to redeem Israel”. They had to turn their back on all false hope. As they walked on, Jesus began to reshape and remould their understanding and He did it by taking them back to the scriptures, and their vision was reformed. At the end of the journey Jesus broke bread to share with them and then their eyes were opened.

We too need to go back to what the scriptures say and learn anew what God wants. Our misplaced hopes are similarly realigned when Jesus travels the road of life with us and reshapes our perspectives.

In these days the Lord wants to break the veil over our thinking. The Holy Spirit is at work within us to will and to do His good pleasure. The two disciples had a new-found hope that fuelled them to be witnesses of Him.

The journey with Jesus involved walking daily with Him, walking from despair to faith, in Him and through Him we have everything we need for that journey.