Organic Church

Organic church counters the modern evangelical philosophy that has led to large programs and buildings, a professional pastorate, and a complex business model. When we look to the book of Acts to find the biblical leadership model, it is very significant that the early church followed what Jesus had taught them about leadership, “If you want to be great in the kingdom of God, you need to become the servant of all”.

This model does not offer a position or a system that it runs on. Over the ages people came up with institutional models like hierarchical, democratic and others. The organic church looks to the church in Acts focusing on groups of Christians gathering for the purpose of spiritual growth and mutual help and comfort, fulfilling the Great Commission in Matthew 28.

The calling of God and the gifts Jesus gives to the church in Ephesians 4:12 are to bring the church to maturity. This will not put anyone on a pedestal. The more mature we get, the more dependent we become on the One who is the head of the church.
Dudley Daniels says when we talk about organic life, we are talking about organic body ministry where some things are for a season and not permanent because we want to follow the presence of God.

God’s work will be done based on a truly kingdom-minded people who are flexible and hear the Spirit. Where some sow, others water, but only God gives the increase. Organic life places a strong emphasis on the necessity of the presence of God in every sphere of church life. When there is no presence of God, there will be no life and the body will suffer from dead works.

If we truly understood this, we would not have the problem that we do have with some people striving to be superstars in ministry. The only culture that we should have, is the culture of the kingdom, where we only have one superstar, King Jesus! He is the vine, we are the branches, we cannot bear fruit that lasts unless we are connected with Him.

At All Nations we all strive to work in team, keeping in step with the Holy Spirit, serving the body in the spirit of servanthood, not lording it over one another, or looking for position. We want to be an organic church, bearing fruit that will last.