Rebuilding According to the Pattern

Rebuilding According to the Pattern

For the first term of this year, we trust the Lord that we as a church family will have a willing heart and will be like the people of Israel under Nehemiah and Ezra, after 70 years of exile, to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and the temple.

It had been in fulfilment of what God had said through the prophets. This started with a genuine repentance by Nehemiah on behalf of himself and all the people. We need to recognize that the walls are broken down and need to be rebuilt and not listen to false prophets who profit themselves.

We will rebuild according to God’s pattern. We are part of those worldwide who through the Spirit are getting the Bride ready for the Bridegroom. We will be working with those who have the same heart to be the spiritual builders who will get the Bride ready for the wave of new believers we believe God wants to add from our city. ‘God is the one who rebuilds Jerusalem, who re-gathers Israel’s scattered exiles’

We will be spending time in the pastoral letters of first and second Timothy. Throughout the history of the church, these letters gave vital pointers as to the best way to build the local church and train and appoint leaders in the household of God.

The apostle Paul was responsible for leading Timothy to faith in Jesus Christ and, in this way, is Timothy’s spiritual father. Like any good father, Paul is concerned about Timothy and wants him to succeed in his task. He describes Timothy as his ‘true son in the faith’.

Paul gives him instructions on leadership and how to deal with problems in the church. These are of great relevance to all of us today.

Paul was concerned that the church was not seen as man’s good idea. He had to take a stand against false teachers who merely pretended to be of the faith but without a solid foundation. Paul was not merely called an apostle he was chosen and given a mandate to protect the faith with sound doctrine.

Today we face the same battles Paul fought to make sure that the doctrines and false teaching do not creep into the church.

As in sailing parlance, “all hands on deck”. Ask God to give you a willing heart today to rebuild and defend as they did in the days of Nehemiah.