Strategic Prayer

When the host of Israelites arrived outside Jericho, it must have been a very intimidating sight. Huge ramparts and walls to prevent invaders. God had promised to be strong and courageous. Moses had died and Joshua was told to not fear and to lead this people into the Promised Land.

Joshua asked the Lord for His strategy to do the impossible task before them. He received specific instructions as He sought the Lord. He was already assured by God’s promise that the land was theirs. They had to march around Jericho seven times. If they had stopped at six, they would not have seen victory. Had they not obeyed the instructions implicitly and relied on their own understanding, they would have failed miserably.

As God has told us to enlarge our territory, we need to enquire of the Lord in prayer for instructions. We need to fully rely on Him because His promises are trustworthy, and He has promised to be with us to the end of the age as we bring the Gospel to all nations.

A young pastor, Mark Batterson, the author of „The Circle Maker“, felt the Lord’s guidance to plant a church in the capital, Washington DC. He was overwhelmed with the odds stacked against him. After he had spent much time in prayer, God gave him the strategy and he undertook a prayer walk right around the city. The results are remarkable, he serves as lead pastor of a church with multiple locations in Washington DC.

Over the next two months, we as a church have been led to prayerfully and intentionally reach out to our community with the Gospel through the Alpha course. Each Life Group has been led in various ways, some holding the Alpha course in their homes in different suburbs, and some have combined and are hosting Alpha at the church on Wednesday evenings.

We are trusting the Lord to show us who to invite, neighbours and friends, and that many will come to faith and be added to His church.
Let us pull out all the stops and see what God can do our city, Windhoek, and in our own lives.