The Acts Church : brave and uncompromising

The challenge for All Nations at this crucial time is to be like the Acts church, living out God’s assignment in both purity and power.

In Acts 4, Peter and John had been used by the Lord to heal the paralytic and they were threatened by the leaders of Israel not to preach in the name of Jesus. We see that the Acts church did not shrink back because of what had been reported. The Spirit of might came on all of them and instead of hiding in their homes and asking God for protection they asked for more boldness. These threats were designed to paralyse them with fear.

We cannot stand against the enemy in our own strength. The only way to win against threats and control is to be full of the Holy Spirit and power. Perfect love casts out all fear. The church’s response so pleased the Lord that He shook the place where they were assembled and filled them with the boldness of the Holy Spirit. ‘Fortis’ is the Latin word for ‘brave’.

The enemy then got Ananias and Sapphira to bring an unclean spirit into the church by them lying to the Holy Spirit. The apostles had to deal authoritatively and decisively without compromising. With God, our giving matters and we must not pretend. We are either ‘all-in’ or not at all and we must say no to the desires and temptations of the flesh. The work of the Holy Spirit would have been brought into jeopardy. He loves purity. Jesus will build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

We are called to be an Acts church, so we need to watch over our hearts and minds and not be deflected from the purposes of God. Let us be Kingdom builders, brave and uncompromising and live out His assignment in purity and power.

...and filled them with the boldness of the Holy Spirit.