The Church – God’s Design

God’s design is for each of us to grow from our seeds of faith into mighty trees, then join with other trees into a forest, or church, that grows in both size and spiritual depth. His true measure of church growth is not centered on numbers…it’s the fruit… measured by impact.

A strong foundation is needed to accommodate growth into the future.
The church will only be able to fulfill its mandate as we, His people, understand our interdependence and accordingly learn to esteem one another highly…Jesus worked in team and so did Paul.

The following are basic building blocks, the foundations on which any team activities should be based. These are not rules, but essential building blocks, they are born out of our conviction about how we should live according to God’s Holy Word. They should govern our lives.

As a church, All Nations is committed to worship and prayer, a base church who desire to see the Kingdom of God advancing.
We strive to develop godly leaders, who are accountable and transparent that disciple, equip and release others.

We want to display loving and effective dining-room table Christianity through healthy Life Groups, families: husband and wife with one-flesh ministry; all working as team; everyone involved.

Jesus’ mission is to mobilize every follower, every disciple, every priest, male or female, all ages, to be a priesthood of all believers (1 Peter 2:9).